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  1. This blog post is to share the many ways you can interact with us across the internet that some may not realise we have.



    Our Etsy shop contains pre cut CNC shapes we produce and sell. We can offer custom orders if you have your own idea. Click the screen grab to be taken to Etsy, new items are being added all the time so make sure to favorite the shop to stay up to date.

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    We have a YouTube channel on here you will find videos of our work in action as well as videos of our boats. This is quite new to us so it will only get better and better. Click the screen grab to find out more.

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    Click the screen grab to be taken there.

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    Click the screen grab to go to twitter.

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    Click the screen grab to go to instagram.

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    Of course there is also this blog! Want to stay up to date then subscribe to us in one form or another.

  2. SO for those of you who don't know, we had our new CNC plasma cutter installed a couple of weeks ago by Escco.

    So we are now using our ETSY SHOP to list some CNC cut items. Please do go and take a look. Our larger more complex artwork will still only be available through the website or directly from us in person. 

    The cnc machine allows us easy repeatability of items once they are designed.

    However if you are looking for a completely one off, 1 in the world kind of sculpture
    we still have some beautiful bespoke art work for sale. LOOK HERE


    The cutter allows us to cut all manner of things, like these manifold flanges in 8mm stainless steel for Kelvin J engines.



    or even Decorative items.


    We will cut orders from one offs to longer runs. We can design in-house or work with your own files. So please do CONTACT US if you think we could be of assistance to you.

    What have we been busy with? Well... between getting our office up and running and our new machine in while completing other jobs such as a  Kelvin Watercooled manifold in stainless steel, we have not had much time to spare.

    We have also been adding a couple of things to our YouTube channel so have a look maybe follow us on there if you are interested in seeing future videos. It is something we want to try and do more of.