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  1. Smallest move of the year just complete in moving from the main stretch in Birmingham by the Arena to Brindley Place. However small though it was interesting we reversed breasted, battling the gusts and popped through the bridge onto Oozles Loop. No dramas though. 

    After that excitement we thought we might need a lie down, a hard days boating really takes it out of you. 

    So if anyone is wanting us, to collect or view etc we can still be found in Birmingham center now near Cycle chain Brindley Place. Best to just contact us first.

    We have just finished a new bespoke lamp led 12 volt with transformer. I shall be adding it to the current works for sale page today. So if you want to check it out and view more photos CLICK HERE.


  2. I think i can now officially use the C word as we are into December. We plan to stay around Birmingham for Christmas popping back to the center to do at least another 1 or 2 weekends before the big day and before we leave after Christmas on the start our next years Journey. This may be the last time we are in Birmingham for a little while as we plan to try and spend a little more time South. However work does dictate our location so you never know.

    We always like to see other pairs on the system and managed to have a quick catch up with Nick Sanders and his wife Caroline who have pair Unspoilt by Progress and Tewksbury. They were passing through Birmingham after being in the area for Motor Cycle Live at the NEC. If you don't know Nick Sanders check him out at .

    So as i type this it is absolutely lashing down outside, Birmingham Center isn't the brightest of spots to start with, with all the tall buildings blocking out much of the sunlight. However at least the rain held off at the weekend!

    Here is a couple of quick snaps from the weekend.

    Willow sat on the back of Kernow.



    We have had a busy week making all kinds of bits from this fly wheel guard, to a new stove door and other things. We might even have our new lamp finished soon.

    So if you want anything off us before Christmas make sure you do so as early as possible especially if you are thinking of having something made as time is fast running out for that.

    If you fancy a Christmas Card thats a bit different we have a lovely Winter scene card featruing Lyra. £1.50 + postage Contact Us if you are interested.