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  1. Well this weekend has seen us meeting up with some non boating friends near Stowe Hill/Wheedon. We found the perfect Caravan Site where they could get there motor home next to the canal and we obtained permission to moor the boats on the offside. Saves the walk round. See this link for details of the Caravan site.


    Tomorrow/Tuesday we shall be heading to Braunston and carrying on around through Rugby, Sutton Stop and so on towards Alvecote.

    This last week has also being busy with dog homings! We fostered a German Short Haired Pointer from Spain, who only ended up with us a week before moving on to what should be her forever home. Our Greyhound also went off to pastures new and looks absolutely beautiful in his new home! 


    So we have one little dog still left and needing a home and he wont break the bank!

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  2. After a brilliant weekend at Fenny Stratford Canal Festival our journey carried on seeing us travel to Cosgrove on Monday and Stoke Bruerne on Tuesday. Both days were unbearably hot a trend carried over from the weekend!

    Nearly everyone we meet is waiting for a break in the weather, for if nothing else to get some sleep at night! We have heard this week is supposed to cool down some.

    So we will now be moored at Stoke Bruerne for a couple of days before carrying on towards Wheedon to meet up with some friends and get some work done on the way. We will then be carrying on to Braunston and Rugby heading to Alvecotes One Big Weekend on the Aug Bank Holiday.

    Our featured item today is............ Our Stainless Steel Fender Hangers which can be purchased in our shop. Follow this link . At this present moment in time we do have some stock made up so any waiting time is dramatically reduced.