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  1. Apologies for not doing a blog for a while we have just been so busy. One project after another with a few small ones inbetween.

    We have designed and made kitchen furniture for a client using their brief.  To make best use of the space they have available in there boat. 

    A few before photos. 



    Then a few after photos. A new cooker to be installed by a gas safe professional later but the width made available for a bigger unit. I will pop some more photos in my next blog including with the trolleys out.


    There are two trolleys under the tug deck one making up a huge stainless steel worktop with shelves and the other housing a flip down bin and storage space when pulled out. 



    The boiler is a tricky one! They are ugly things but also need good air flow and easy access for servicing.


    We have also been busy plasma cutting out lots of letters! No CNC here.


    To make this piece of stunning wall art.


    You might have guessed who this is for the clue is in the words. This was a great piece to work on but demanded a huge amount of concentration so had to be spread over many days.

    Well as i type this we are awaiting a steel delivery ready to get on with the next projects.

    In the next blog i will be including a photo from the Black Sea Back Cabin as well as many others.

    Time is also creeping up fast for Lyras new back cabin. Not long now!

  2. We are on the home stretch with just a few odds and sods to be sorted out for completion, so we thought we would share a few sneak peak photos.

    Although i am not going to share a room view until the flooring has been completed and it is always polite for the client to see it fully completed before it is shared on the internet. Nick Sanders is however ecstatic with how things have taken shape and gave us the ultimate complement with that it is not very often something meets or exceeds how you have imagined it, more often than not imagination and expectation do not quite meet reality.

    On to a few photos, there is all sorts mixed in with these.

    Something we do often is use the mill scale of mild steel to our advantage creating textures, colour changes and depth to the piece cleaning only where absolutely necessary. 


    A few items starting to move back into the space as its reaches its climax.




    This isn't half arsed measures this is art in motion! Imagining, Designing, Creating, Admiring, a Reverie.


    Form and function. In fact in some cases form over function if you really want to grab hold of and embrace the art, the style.



    So that's all for the sneak peak, our next post about this project will be full room finished photos.

    For us it is onto the next project some more interior design work this time kitchen furniture,  we will blog about that as we go.

    If anyone is interested in commissioning us for a job please do get in touch. HERE