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On this page are current larger peices we have for sale. Under each description is a contact us box. If  you wish to purchase please contact us about the peice you are interested in. We are willing to ship items both UK and International all will be disccused on a individual basis. You are also welcome to come and view or collect items in person from us with prior contact. We can take BACS, Cards and Cash as payment and provide invoices for purchases. Please bear in mind most items we sell are complete one offs so when they are gone they are gone. FIrst port of call with us is via email, however for serious parties a phone number can be provided. We also take commissions again contact us if you are interested. You can also view/purchase smaller sculptures through our Etsy shop HERE, again viewing and collection is welcome in person.

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Steam Punk inspired desk Lamp

240v with vintage bulb a beautiful, one of a kind lamp.  Contact us below to purchase or for further information.


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Large Metal Wall Art Sculpture

A large sculpture made from compressor veins as used in jet engines.
This sculpture is designed to be mounted on a wall via the mounting points on each end.
Appropriate measurements in mm: 1260 x 330 x 100.
Weight is approximately: 11kg

Contact us below


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Kangaroo Metal Sculpture

Beautiful bespoke metal sculpture of a Kangaroo. A real talking point to any room! Made from some new and some recycled parts.

Contact us below if you are interested in this piece. A true one of a kind.

Size approx: 750mm x 230 x 570


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Large Dragonfly Metal Sculpture

Dragonfly sculpture made from recycled mild steel parts with a clearcoat applied.
Approx size in mm: 850 x 900 x 620

Contact us below to purchase or for more information.



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Butterfly Orchid Metal Sculpture

Beautiful sculpture crafted in stainless and mild steel of a butterfly orchid.

Contact us below to purchase or for more information.



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Abstract Metal Wall Art

A beautiful abstract piece using both mild and stainless steel. 
Main is built up using engine compressor fan blades attached to a mild grid with a clear coat applied.
Item is quite heavy and mounts in 4 places using screws (not supplied)
Approx size in mm: 385 x 305 x 150

Contact us below to purchase or for more information.


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Cobra Snake Metal Sculpture

The title says most of it! Made from a mix of new and old materials for those snake fans out there!

Size approx: 550mm x 280 x 200


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Log Holders

Steel log holders.

We can supply the log holders finished in laquered steel or primer for you to paint at home.
Available with or without heart design or with your own design at extra cost.

Price here is per pair but can be sold individually.
 3mm mild steel.
Size approx: 320mm x 300 x 700

Contact us below to purchase or for more information,


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Feather Of Truth Metal Sculpture

Egyptian Afterlife
To reach the paradise of the Field Of Reeds one had to pass a trial set by Osiris, The Lord Of The Underworld. During the trail in the Hall Of Truth your heart was weighed against the Feather of Truth. If you heart was ligher than the feather you would be granted passage to the Field Of Reeds if your heart weighed more than the feather it was tossed to the ground and devoured by Amut "a god with the face of a crocodile, the front of a leopard and the back of a rhinoceros" To read more follow this link 

A one off piece of art with a deep meaning.
Size approx: 250mm x 350 x 240


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Abstract Floor Standing Metal Sculpture

Large floor standing metal sculpture, made from recycled parts inc motorbike sprockets and brake disc.
With Beautiful weathered steel that flows off towards the sky.

Approx size mm: 1140 x 280 x 270

If you wish to purchase or want more information then please contact us below.


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Scorpion Metal Sculpture

A unique peice of metal art made from various recycled materials.

Approx size mm: 420 x 310 x 300

To purchase or for more information then please contact us below.


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Bespoke Lamp

Beautiful bespoke lamp with fine detail. 

This lamp feaures an LED bulb and is 12v with a transformer included to work on mains electric standard UK plug. The bulb is easy to change by pulling the mesh off and then pushing back into place.

Viewing is highly recommend as with all our items to appreciate the detail of each piece. Functional Art to admire for years to come.




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